Tavern on Rush Chicago Brunch Experience

Jessica, Lisa and Alex at tavern on rush

On Sunday, July 28, 2013, we visited Tavern on Rush Chicago. Tavern on Rush. After hearing the buzz about this Contemporary American Steakhouse offering a Sunday brunch we decided to give it a try.

We have eaten here for dinner before and the one word that comes to mind about the brunch is inconsistent. Drinks were not made the same and constantly tasted and looked different. One of our guests ended up having to send back her steak twice because it was tough and tasteless.  However, another one of our guests said the sliders were perfectly done and delicious.

Despite our wonderful corner table overlooking the Tavern on Rush patio and the great view of the Sunday patrons on Rush Street, the service and food was nothing to write home about.

Jessica and Paul at Tavern on Rush
The mediocre service and food ruined an otherwise good birthday brunch. Tavern on Rush has a great location and great atmosphere. Thus, if they get their food to be consistent, this place is destined for greatness.

The bar was buzzing. The bartenders (both men and women) are gorgeous. With the food mediocre at best and the service incompetent, we are second guessing ever returning.
JandM at tavern on rush

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