To torrent or not to torrent? M.A.E.K attempts to answer the question. On Sunday, September 22, 2013 at the Vertigo Sky Lounge, M.A.E.K. record label was launched. They are the first free music record label. They will not charge for any of their music content. The label was founded by Jason Maek.

Now, back to the event. As we arrived at 5pm to the lounge the music was blasting and the Bombay Sapphire was flowing. A hosted bar of mixed drinks were the perfect edition. These were not your typical gin and tonics. We quickly grabbed a signature Tom Collins as we made our way to the outside patio and noticed the abundance of fire. A rock fire pit in the center is sure to keep you warm in the winter months as they keep the outside open all year long.
Bombay Saphire-Jordan & Marks

As the night progressed M.A.E.K. started a presentation of artists and a giveaway of Sapphire products. The artists were extremely talented and showcased a variety of their music. I would describe it as an EDM and indie pop style. You can listen to their music now at https://www.youtube.com/user/MaekTV

The Vertigo Sky Lounge located on top of the Dana Hotel is definitely a great spot to host any corporate event or just to have a relaxing night out.

All and all it was a great launch for a great idea. Jordan & Marks wishes them the best and can’t wait to listen to some great music for FREE



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