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1393601_703827522962588_1571885332_nJoAnn Fastoff, excuse us, the award winning author, JoAnn fastoff can now add another achievement to her resume. On Monday, October 28, 2013, JoAnn Fastoff became the winner of the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Literature – Fiction for her book The Lie by the The African American Arts Alliance of Chicago at the 13th Annual Black Excellence Awards, which took place at the DuSable Museum of African American History.

The event started off with a reception for the guests and the nominees. After partaking in several awards functions over the years, few things make them stand out. This was different. First off, it was soul food done right. It featured smothered chicken to greens that did not disappoint. The staff was great and was dedicated to making sure the guests had a great time. As the show was about to begin we were ushered in by the drums and percussion sound of a dynamic African American music duo. They prepared us for the events and set the tone for the show.


The event kicked off with a rap and crowed participation that explained the past and present of the The African American Arts Alliance of Chicago. It then led into the awards ceremony. They were done quickly yet enough time for people to speak and accept their awards. It was a great time by all. You could feel the love and admiration everyone had for each other. It did not drag on and was over in about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Jordan & Marks were honored to be able to attend such a great event and truly appreciated all the hard work that went into facilitating a well run event.

Congratulations to all the nominees and the winners. You all deserve nothing but the best and we wish you nothing but success. JoAnn Fastoff is launching her fourth book, THE SMOKE RING on 11/12/13. I’m sure it will be award winning. If you are interested in attending the launch party, please visit the following link.




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