A10 not Quite an A+

Right in the middle of the heart of 53rd Street, Matthias Merges, the Yusho and Billy Sunday restaurateur, moved into Hyde Park with the opening of A10, his new French inspired restaurant is named for a road that runs through France and Italy. It looks very low key from the outside but the inside has a lot to offer. The decor and atmosphere is a nice addition to the emerging Hyde Park social scene. Beautiful dim setting in this trendy modern French restaurant.

We decided to check out this restaurant on opening night. As we first walked in, we immediately felt that this was a North Side restaurant with north side people. The hostesses were nice but yet a little flustered and unorganized as it was their first night open to the public. As we waited for a table at the bar we stood awkwardly in the doorway. If this place keeps busy we don’t know where they expect people to stand in the winter.


As soon as we sat at the bar to eat the friendly bartenders immediately greeted us. They were superb and friendly.  In addition, they were helpful in helping our party decided what to order. As we put in our drink order, we ordered our staple Vodka sodas. It was a little surprising they only has one type of vodka. Currently, the only type they offer is called Oola. As we took our first sip we noticed a strange taste of vanilla. It wasn’t bad or necessarily good but a surprise that the only vodka they offered would be flavored vodka. They also had a small beer menu and nothing on draft yet. This we’re sure will eventually be fixed.


Now, onto the food. As our guests enjoyed wood-fried strip steak they said it was cooked to perfection. The anchovy butter on top of they steak, they thought was a little much and a touch overly salty but as they pushed it to the side it became a non-issue. The fries were good, as long as you like double fried french fries. As we finished our meal we tried the Americano Drink, which was Gran Classico and Vermouth. This was an extremely tasty beverage that finished off the meal and our first experience well.

Overall this is a great addition to Hyde Park. It is very reasonably priced. It does have some kinks to work out but most restaurants do when they first open. We can’t wait to go back and see if it can be an A+ experience.




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