Antique Taco (Not Old Food)

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We are so tired of complaints about places and people being too hipster.  Antique Taco in Wicker Park in Chicago is CUTE and CREATIVE and KITSCHY and VINTAGE and FUN.  Who cares about anything else?

This place was awesome. Absolutely delicious.

Really, the perfect spot to stop in for quality “fast” food. (Think counter service.)

So let me describe the scene; to those of you that have not patronized this place, it’s a first come first serve seating eatery.

This place serves fancy tacos with craft beer and margaritas served in mason jars.

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We ordered the Sweet and Spicy Chicken, which was prepared perfectly. It was flavorful, crisp, fresh veggies and the tacos were huge.

photo 3We also ordered the Antique Taco Salad and it was so much better than I expected to be.  It was baby Kale with red peppers, red onions, spicy peanuts and feta cheese with a wonderful light vinaigrette.   The salad is very filling. Antique salad is awesome! One of the best salads I have had: kale, cheese, peanuts – just a really good mix of flavors.

The guacamole was kind of OK.  Pretty bland, actually.  It has a little to much lime and needed more spice. The salsa was a hit. It had a great flavor.

Their setup is a little interesting, where you have to wait in line before grabbing a table, and when it fills up it can be really crammed in the small space.It  sort of makes you want to eat and leave in a rush (maybe that’s what they are going for?).

This place is very busy.  You may have to wait a long time but it is well worth it.


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