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Let’s admit, I’m sure a lot of Lagrange, IL area fans where annoyed when Knead closed and a burger place opened in its spot, some people probably bitter. Back Alley is in downtown LaGrange, which is a really nice area, but parking is usually a pain and Back Alley is no exception. You might be able to walk off some of those burger calories after your meal.

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We rolled in with growling stomachs and placed our orders. The sign warned that everything is cooked to order and may take some time. We sat down and our food quickly arrived, well before we passed out from hunger. It was yummy. As often happens, the veggie burger was soft and hard to eat (messy), but it was good with a nice spicy kick.

We also ordered the Waldorf Burger, which is turkey, romaine, blue cheese, apples walnuts and mayo on a wheat bun. Great marriage of flavors. I loved how the blue cheese came sort of as a spread rather than chunks. I always have a problem with my burgers falling apart all over the place and not getting to eat all the deliciousness. Did not have that problem here! Even the bun stayed (mostly) together. In an attempt to try and eat healthy, we opted for the house salad instead of fries. Salad was nothing-special so on the return visit; we are definitely trying the fries.

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Great decor (huge scenes of neighborhood alleys across America).

The super friendly service gave us a great first impression, but it was flavor that really won us over.

Overall, we liked this place. The only complaint is that when you start adding the sides or a build your own it can be a pretty pricey meal, but with flavor that good, it’s worth the money. You make a good burger Back Alley!!



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