Harlan grad wins national literature award

Harlan grad wins national literature award
Story Posted:11/30/2013

The third time is the charm for Chicago author Joann Fastoff whose latest book, “The Lie” won the Excellence Award for Fiction in the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago recent book competition.

“After several decades of writing, I was wondering when the overnight success would kick in,” the Harlan High School graduate said.

Fastoff won the award for writing about the conflict diamond problem in Africa. Although the novel is considered fiction, Fast- off said real issues about the illicit diamond industry do exist. She added, “We Americans never realize the negative impact we can have on others in the world when we purchase items that are illegally obtained.   We don’t think of the physical harm or even death that results to the poor who are exploited to bring these minerals to the surface. I just wanted to write one person’s story that told that tale.”

“The Lie” is Fastoff’s third book in the FBI Agent Howard Watson intrigue series. Her fourth book called THE SMOKE RING was just realized this month and is about the tobacco smuggling industry. It also is another Howard Watson intrigue.

Fastoff’s characters are broadly diverse and are reflections of her neighbors, family and friends in her Hyde Park community.

About JoAnn Fastoff  Fastoff graduated from Chicago’s Harlan High School and acquired a BA in Marketing from an on-line university in Idaho.


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