Moby takes sharing to a whole new level


web1_WEB_rgb_DVG_MobyMoby performs Dec. 7 at MGM’s Hakkasan nightclub. (Courtesy)


Moby is giving away his new album “Innocents” for free online — because he wants musicians to remix it and keep any money they make from it.

Moby also chopped up “Innocents” (I think it’s my favorite album of the year) into its foundation pieces — “stems” — so that amateur and pro DJs can grab those stems via then do whatever they want with them.

“The BitTorrent guys came to me and said, ‘If anyone sells their remix, what should they do with the money?’ My response is, ‘They should probably take their friends to dinner,’ ” Moby told me. But it’s not like musicians earn a big bank off recordings anymore, he said.

“If anyone can make money off the sale of music, God bless.”

Moby will perform Dec. 7 at MGM’s Hakkasan nightclub. I was talking to him for an upcoming feature regarding that show when he gave me this BitTorrent news.

“It’s a little odd for an artist to promote piracy of his own music,” he said. “Not that BitTorrent is a pirate site. But people will be downloading the music for free.”

Moby digs this sort of madness of modern music.

“One of the things I love about this digital future we live in is how utterly chaotic it is,” he said. “I think that drives a lot of people crazy. But for the most part, the chaos is really benign.”

Music ownership is very different from what it was in the past, he said. “The moment it leaves the mastering lab, it ceases to be mine, and it goes out into the world, and people can steal it, or buy it, or listen to it, or not listen to it, or remix it.”



A Vegas company has raised half of its $20,000 crowd-funding goal online to start up, where bands could sign up to work with music execs and seek licensing deals, among other things.

TuneGo has been asking for donations of $5 to $5,000 through, a crowd-funding site for inventors and artists, similar to

One of the co-founders of TuneGo is Stacy Haitsuka, the Las Vegan who co-created the Internet service provider NetZero.

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