Terzo Piano (Food + Art = Full Belly and Full Mind)


Food + Art + Full Belly and Full Mind…so why not add a restaurant along with the the modern addition to the Art Institute.

Structurally and cosmetically, the space is very smooth and chic just like the modern wing. It’s like a blank canvas, where the food, drink and the view are the only colors.

The menu is elegant and each dish was well constructed, from the presentation to the flavor. We nibbled on rosemary-fromage bread while sipping on our respective drinks.



A captive audience plus a heavy tourist population = less than exceptional cuisine, right? Not always.

Service at Terzo Piano was attentive without being intrusive. We were definitely served enough food, but no so much that we felt stuffed.

Terzo Piano is a really neat spot perched above Milennium Park. The entire space is decked out in beautiful clean white right angles, giving an openness and crisp modern feel that goes nicely with the setting of the entire Art Institute.

The high point was the flatbread margharita pizza. It was simply delicious. At only $14, great deal with great flavor. My arugula salad was a great combination of flavors and ingredients.



Delightfully bright, spacious, minimalist– Terzo Piano was the perfect homage and reflection of a space dedicated to the arts.¬†Overall, it’s a great venue



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