Ghareeb Nawaz, Indian Done Right!

Great find! A business associate suggested this place and it was a nice surprise!


Located at 807 West Roosevelt Road at the corner of Roosevelt Road and Halsted, first off, do not be scared away by the exterior of the place. It looks dive-y. This Indian spot is not fancy. The only silverware available are plastic spoons. you order at the counter and pick up when ready. However, the food is spectacular. Two of us ate and were stuffed to the gills and we still had enough food to take home for three more meals for only $10!!!



The menu (for those not familiar with Indian food) is very helpful with photos of the dishes, though the staff will explain it to you without any problem. The prices are phenomenally cheap, but all of that wouldn’t matter if the food wasn’t good, but it is! It is absolutely delicious, and the portions are so generous, that we walked out the there feeling like ticks about to pop! We loved the glorious, fluffy FIFTY CENT naan breads. The briyani platter has enough on it to choke a horse, and even the little salads are nicely crisp and fresh. The place is always tremendously busy, which says alot for the food, as well as the turnover of food, keeping it fresh and tasty. The dining is small and just plain, uncovered tables and chairs, but if you aren’t snobby or trying too hard to impress a date, you will go there and leave a highly satisfied diner.

Bottom line, very delicious, very large portions and very cheap. Come for authenticity, not loop-style Indian dining.


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