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The food is all organic and locally grown.  The menu items are simple, as are the ingredients, and they are crafted in a way that no one ingredient overpowers another.

The ambience is very lovely, but that was probably the best part. The server was friendly but way too busy to dedicate any time to a table.  The food is not great, or even good when we dined there. They have a couple appetizers that are good, but other than that the Sunday brunch is a miss.

The Avocado Fries with cilantro and chipotle-limeaioli are amazing and The Crispy Chickpea Frites with date agrodolce, garlic aioli and harissa honey was divine.

One person in our party ordered their famous Nanadict which were like eggs benedict but with a twist. The flavor was ok, but without the sauce it would have been tasteless.



Our friend RAVED about the biscuits and gravy (she’s on a mission to find amazing biscuits and gravy in Chicago. If you know of a place let us know on Facebook). Unfortunately, the biscuits and gravy did not live up to the hype or our friends past experience with this dish. The biscuits were served raw. As we attempted to eat them we noticed them stretching apart. We ended up having to send back two orders of the biscuits and gravy. However, the management quickly came to our table to apologize and tried to smooth over the situation. Even though our party decided not to wait for them to redo the order, they were quick to address our situation which was greatly appreciated.

The decor is classy and cozy at the same time.  The exposed brick walls and tasteful art made us feel at home immediately.

They serve delicious local, Metropolis coffee.

Nonetheless, it’s one of the only veg-friendly option in Bridgeport. This spot is definitely nice, however, with a subpar brunch experience like this we would not recommend it, unless you like your biscuits doughy. Which in that case click here, they have a better selection.


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