Black Boots @ Studio Paris


Known for stiletto-wearing ladies and sharply dressed dudes Studio Paris was steaming this past Wednesday on the rooftop listening to the amazing high energy dance sounds of Black Boots.

New Ultra Records Black Boots is a Las Vegas based duo–producer Lightknife and vocalist/producer Mikey Francis. B. They were in town to play the Sin Label Sessions series at Studio Paris which is every Wednesday night.

With the Studio Paris restaurant under construction its a little off-putting when you enter the club. The stairs up to the venue are plain (i.e., it doesn’t get you excited about entering a nightclub).  Walking in initially at 10:30pm, the place was a ghost town with a DJ was playing basic tunes.

When Black Boots hit the stage around 11:30pm, we were moving to high energy dance sounds. Black Boots use of rock influenced beats instead of straight electronic dance was a refreshing change from other dance mix masters. They felt the energy of the crowed and it showed with their music selections. The dance floor was packed and everyone was having a great time. There 2 hour set went by so quick it felt like 20 minutes.


Thinking of visiting the Melman brother’s Studio Paris hot spot? Don’t even bother unless you plan on getting bottle service. If not, plan on spending the entire night cramped by the single bar with a glossy black countertop, which takes up the center of the venue strategically separating the lounge and dance floor on either side.

It was a good night, and we can’t wait to see Black Boots perform again.






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