Crystal Head Vodka, Any good?


When a new vodka comes out its hard to even take notice. Luckily, we decided to venture out and try this unique and in our opinion delicious vodka.

Actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander teamed up to create Crystal Head Vodka. Both are researchers into the phenomenon of Crystal Heads that have been found strewn around the globe from Tibet to the USA. This was the inspiration behind the extraordinary crystal head bottle and one of the purest vodka held within. With water sourced from the pure springs of Newfoundland, quadruple distillation through semi-precious crystals and with no additives, oils or sugars of any kind.

Truth be told, we tried it for the first time because of the wicked cool bottle.

So, let’s move on to the vodka itself. Crystal Head is 80 proof, and hardly earth-shattering in its composition, but overall very good. A bit chalky on the palate, it goes down smooth with a nice finish that is clean and crisp. There’s no medicinal flavor here at all. Really impressive.

Straight or with mixers, it’s a solid vodka. We wouldn’t recommend mixing it with a juice as you would not be able to taste the unique flavor of the vodka. Jordan & Marks prefers it on the rocks with a lemon twist.

Now where to get Crystal Head Vodka when you are out and about bar hoping? Good thing you asked. Stop into Reggie’s on State Street in Chicago to see tatted up bartender Jacki Curley and she will gladly pour you a Crystal Head Vodka drink, which is only $4.00 every Monday.

We seem to often finish the bottles and have a personal collection of empty Crystal Head Vodka bottles in our foyer.  Dan, if you are ever in the Hyde Park area of Chicago, we know where you can find some Crystal Heads!




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