Hangover Tip of the Day: 1/11/14

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Hangover Tip of the Day: 1/11/14


“We know only a few people who will try this hangover remedy but those who do it swear by it, sauerkraut. It makes some sense – the acid/nadh balance and the nutritional value – but from our first hand experience it works rediculously well. We’ve seen it work in the most extreme cases.” If you can’t bring yourself to eat the actually chunky bits, try sauerkraut juice (out of the sauerkraut bottle) mixed with tomato juice, or a good helping of Sauerkraut Hangover Soup (recipe below). Actually while doing a bit of poking around checking out the vailidity of this claim, it appears that eating raw cabbage has been used right through history for preventing as well as curing hangovers, so Casey could well be onto something here.



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