Simone’s Bar


Simone’s Bar in the Pilsen district of Chicago is an interesting and unique place built with reused and recycled items. The interior is beautiful and chat worthy and the management is committed to maintaining the restaurant in a green and sustainable fashion. Simone’s Bar is a member of Chicago’s Guaranteed Green Restaurant Coalition and is a cool place to stop for a drink and friendly repartee.

The cool decor alone is a draw, but the veggie-friendly menu of sandwiches, pizzas, etc goes way beyond normal bar bites.

Nearby the Chicago Arts District neighborhood, this jumping, multi-roomed watering hole and performance space is filled with odd-ball salvaged materials circa before the hipster crowd’s time. The decks of old pinball machines add interest to booths, which are fashioned out of graffiti-scrawled chem lab tables. The main bar, its top a vintage bowling lane, gives way to a caged-in, elevated DJ booth and booths made from woven seat belts. In a space this wacky, the menu has to hold interest, and it doesn’t disappoint. Classic pub grub (nachos, spinach-artichoke dip) is augmented by empanadas, a Reuben-style brat served on a baguette and a Monte Cristo with cranberry aioli. You can get a pizza and a PBR for $6 on Monday and specials every other day of the week.


If you are thirsty, it will be a while at the front bar because the lack of bartender staffing while have you waiting and parched. Try looking to see if the back bar is less busy if you don’t want to wait for a cocktail at the front bar.

The Saturday night clientele was a bit odd but the music was great. However, that is not going to stop us for coming back for round 2 and maybe additional rounds. For anyone craving a downtown club experience, this just doesn’t fill that void. Overall we think this bar will always be around because ” hey, were else can you get dressed up and go out in Pilsen.



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