Via Bella

We had the pleasure of passing by and looking for a place to eat in the vicinity. Seeing it from outside, it was the perfect place for drinks and perhaps dinner. The ambiance was perfect for conversation. The restaurant was not particularly busy but a few people did walk in and sat down for dinner. The restaurant is huge. Nice space. The space is fantastic which gives you a chance to just chill and have a nice time. No one is hustling you out the door so that they can get the next one in. The staff was super nice.

A no frills Italian joint in Countryside, IL that serves authentic Italian food! Finger licking good food!

Our server was a no-frills, tell-it-to-you-straight Italian lady who didn’t hesitate to go into the kitchen and add her special touch to our salads, bruschetta (she corrected our pronunciation of it – Italian pronunciation: [bruˈsketta] ) and rigatoni marinara.

For appetizers we had clams, bruschetta and blue cheese salad. For dinner we shared a pizza and rigatoni with spicy Pepperoncini. Being close to Chicago, the pizza fell short of Chicago standards but it was decent. The rigatoni with spicy marinara was a wonderful dish…the kind of comfort food that beckons you: “Come hither darling…it’s winter time. Get fat!”

We will definitely be coming back!


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