Gio’s Cafe and Deli


We were hesitant to write about Gio’s, for fear that others will discover the amazing food, reasonable prices, and fine service at this humble storefront restaurant.

Owners Giovanni Liuzzo and Ignaciao Bautista have much to be proud of: They’ve put together a fabulous menu in this off the beat and path gem located in the Bridgeport community of Chicago.

From the street, Gio’s looks like any other corner store in any other Chicago neighborhood. But this is Bridgeport. This small, neighborhood restaurant in Bridgeport has an authentic European feel with tables in the center, shelves of Italian goods on the wall and a deli counter in the back.

The seating area probably rivals the square footage of the living room in your first apartment, but that’s part of its character and attractiveness. (FYI…small rooms are charming; it’s a fact.) Open for lunch and dinner, the standard menu features great finds like the chicken vesuvio sandwich with a great garlic sauce and peas falling off the bun with every bite, as well as top-notch Mussles in a red sauce. Try to peel yourself away from the menu to check out the specials, where you might find items such as swordfish vesuvio or pork chop peppercorn with broccoli.

Great selection of daily specials at a scaled down price from north side prices. The food is delicious and fresh!

Gio’s isn’t about elegant, it’s about good food…and it works. BYOB!


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