Viceroy of India Lombard


logo-designWe didn’t have high expectations pulling up to Viceroy of India in Lombard, IL. The outside of the restaurant looks like an old school motel diner. Pull past that outer layer of the onion and walk into Indian spice heaven.

They had a wide selection of moderately priced, ‘authentic’ Indian dishes with an extensive menu. The precisely spiced dishes would satisfy any Indian food lovers palate.

The service was excellent. Our water glasses stayed full throughout the meal. If you don’t like being served like an Indian prince or princess, keep on moving because there is hardly a moment when someone is servicing your table.

The Chicken Saag and the Chana Masala were amazing. It had just enough heat and the perfect amount of flavor.

Hands down, some of the best Indian food in the Chicagoland area. We know Indian people who drive from the city out to Lombard to eat there. Don’t miss!


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