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Joke of the Day: 3/21/14

Joke of the Day: 3/21/14 Two cows are standing out in a field talking. One turns to the other and says “Have you heard about this mad cow disease? Cows just losing their minds… Doesn’t that scare you?” The other one thinks for a second and responds “No, because I’m a helicopter”

Colin Kane Performing Tonight and Tomorrow in Chicago at the Greenhouse Theater

COLIN KANE ** THIS SHOW IS INSANELY FUNNY BUT VERY DIRTY!!! You’ve been warned! ** A born and bred New Yorker, Colin Kane has been laying the comedy smackdown on packed houses since 2002, forging his career on the New York comedy circuit. Playing to audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, D.C., Chicago,Mexico City, Norway […]

We are SELFLESS, Are You?

SELFLESS is the new giving back revolution. It’s an interesting idea that is taking off with a bang in Chicago. Members sign up and donate $9 a month and receive 100’s of perks. There motto is give back, get back. It’s a great concept that partners businesses and people together to create a bond in […]