Daily Archives: March 24, 2014

Multiplicity Meets Jazz Lady Robin Watson

Devon Avenue was rocking Sunday night when Multiplicity and Robin Watson took the stage for Uncommon Ground’s Sunday Evening of Jazz. Every table was book while we enjoyed a bottle of Shiraz and listening to the smooth sounds. This is a great room with a great sound. Robin was recently featured in Chicago Jazz Magazine’s […]

Beauty Bar Chicago Sundays

Schlitz beer loves, don’t pass up stopping by Beauty Bar on Sunday nights. They offer 2 pint glasses of beer for $1. If you get bored just standing at the bar drinking or sitting under one of several hair dryers, take a break to take photos in the photo booth to remember your drunken experience. […]

Hangover Tip of the Day: 3/24/14

Hangover Tip of the Day: 3/24/14 Have food or drinks that contain fructose to help you burn the alcohol faster. Eating fruits and drinking fruit juice might make you feel better.  A 1976 study suggests, however, that while fructose eases the metabolic effects of alcohol, it might not ease the symptoms of a hangover. Cheers, Jordan & Marks […]