Joke of the Day: 5/16/14


Joke of the Day: 5/16/14

People have gathered at the local theater to see a show featuring an Amazing Talking Dog! The curtain rises to reveal an unassuming man and a scruffy dog.

The man clears his throat and announces that he will ask the dog questions, and the dog will intelligibly and intelligently respond.

“What’s the covering of a house called?” Asks the man.

“Roof!” says the dog. The crowd laughs good-naturedly.

“How would you describe the texture of sandpaper?” Asks the man.

“Ruff!” says the dog. Fewer people laugh, and some start to grumble about being had.

Nervously, the man asks “Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?”

“Ruth!” The dog says.

The man and the dog are booed off the stage and chased out of the theater. They hide in an alleyway. The dog looks at the man and says “DiMaggio?”

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