“más” Restaurant will make you come back for More!


From the former restaurant Sabor Saveur chef Yanitzin Sanchez has debuted “más,” a Mexican restaurant and bar concept specializing in “modern” low-cost Mexican dinner fare.

más Mexican Bar & Restaurant is located at 800 W. Washington Blvd., with a 70-seat, 2,000-square-foot restaurant.

As we walked in we immediately noticed the art and decoration. The decor is really nice and inviting. It has an intimate feel and setting but very comfortable.

We grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered some appetizers. We ordered the Chicharron Guacamole and Chips and the Tomatillo and Chicharron Morita Salsas. The guacamole was good and flavorful and the salsa was equally as good.


We then moved onto the tacos. The menu is a little confusing as you have to order 2, 3, or 4 of the same tacos. We would have loved to try 3 different ones but since they are a new restaurant we will give them time to make everything smooth.

The Black Bean Falafel Tacos are out of this world. They are delicious and crispy and are definitely worth the trip. The Shrimp Tacos were cooked to perfection. The tacos are in a corn tortilla and an OK size. They are a gourmet taco so we didn’t expect them to be that large.

All and all más is definitely worth checking out. They some kinks to work out, but hey with any new restaurant they always do. We would recommend skipping the appetizers and going right to the tacos. When you are there make sure to say hello to Santana behind the bar and let him know Jordan & Marks sent you.


Note to Vegetarians: Make sure to read the ingredients and ask questions before ordering because some menu items you would think wouldn’t have meat in them actually do.


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