Pork Chop Hyde Park, the only thing worth trying is the Hippie Burger.


We decided to try this place with a couple of dear friends just returning from their honeymoon in Italy. We walked into the door listening to a very nice melody of live music. There wasn’t a wait and we had our choice of tables. The hostess was pleasant and very accommodating.

We received the menus and were pleasantly surprised by the selections. Pork Chop Hyde Park had a nice variety of speciality drinks and Bourbons, which all sounded delicious. We placed our order for drinks prior to placing our food order. We waited an extremely long time for our drinks. The drinks finally came after our entrees, which was 20 minutes later. The waitress expressed zero drink knowledge as thought one of the drinks was just water and not the craft cocktail we ordered.


Since we were starving we got right into the food. All the entrees were mediocre if even edible. The catfish was overly fried and so greasy that it slipped out of your hands. The pulled pork was flavorless and lacked any taste definition. The fried chicken was fried to a crisp that you needed a chisel just to break through the skin and get to the meat. Surprisingly, the Hipper Burger (their only vegan option) was the best thing that was eaten that night. Frankly, the vegan at the table thought the Hippie Burger was amazing.  It tasted like it was made in-house and was accompanied by sweet potato fries, which were also good.

After dinner, we ordered an additional round of drinks for dessert. This was a mistake. The Old Fashion was to sour to even drink. The bartender prepared a drink that wasn’t ordered and we would be surprised if they drink they served us was actually Templeton Rye.

With the new restaurants opening up in Hyde Park we recommend skipping this one, unless you want to try the vegan burger. Maybe they should change the name from Pork Chop to Tofu since they obviously have a knack for vegan food.

 recipe card old fashioned


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