Barley & Brass Restaurant and Bar: Move Over Old Fashion There is a New Fashion in Town!


Mac and Joe Boumaroun (25 Degrees Chicago) gives you another reason to head to Wicker Park. Their newest venture is called Barley and Brass. Barley & Brass is a new restaurant and bar located at Damen & Division in the heart of Wicker Park. They will serve a globally inspired menu of eclectic bar food divided into small plates, sandwiches, shared plates & salads, as well as offer a cocktail program inclusive of innovative kegged cocktails and craft beer.


At the Private Grand Opening Party, the food started out with homemade kettle chips and french fries that were simply, delicious. Both were perfectly crisp and salted to the right amount. The fish tacos were flaky and cooked to perfection.

The highlights of the night were the keg and hand-made cocktails. Each had their own unique and delicious taste.  Jan Henrichsen has done an amazing job of perfecting a balance of cocktail recipes. Our favorite cocktail of the night was a tie between their Gin and Tonic from the hand-made drink menu and the New Fashioned Keg Cocktail.The beer menu is also nice and diverse. We tried them all and you can’t go wrong with anything you order at Barley & Brass.


The service is great. Bringing over seasoned former 25 Degrees Chicago staff member Jenna Marie was a smart move. The bartenders really knew their stuff and had the confidence to perfect these complex cocktails.


Barley & Brass is a great addition to Wicker Park community and we wish the Boumaroun brothers nothing but success on their latest venture.



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