Blaze Pizza a Great Concept with a Great Product


As you walk into Blaze Pizza you aren’t quite sure what to expect. Is it a slice place or is it a ‘upscale’ personal pizza place? Luckily, it falls into the middle. You first get to choose between one of there signature pizzas or a build your own pizza. We suggest going with a build you own to get all the toppings you really want.

First you start with the sauce, they have classic red sauce, spicy red sauce, white cream sauce, pesto drizzle, BBQ drizzle or olive oil drizzle. Then you can add your choice or cheese, veggies and meats. They even have vegan and gluten-free options.

What makes this pizza great is that it is a fast fired thin crust. One pizza expert once told us “If it takes longer than 4 minutes to cook a thin crust pizza it’s not worth having. Luckily, it was done within this time frame.


As we got our pizza and ate the first bite, we could taste the freshness of all the ingredients and the daily in-house made dough.

It is a perfect lunch option as it’s not to heavy on the stomach and the wallet. With a starting price of $5.95 it rivals most slice places that just serve you a heated up stale pizza.

This is a A+ pizza place in our opinion.




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