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imgresIn visiting the South Loop area of Chicago, we rarely venture out past Reggie’s Music Joint on State Street. However, this past Sunday afternoon, we stopped in for the JoAnn Fastoff Book Signing of Two Years of Heaven at M Lounge.images

M Lounge is one of those uber-cool bars that makes you feel like maybe you should have reconsidered your outfit before venturing out.  The vibe here is relaxed-trendy.  Look around, this isn’t a sports bar.  This is the true definition of a lounge;  drink and enjoy the company of who is joining you.  M Lounge is really small which only adds to the good vibes. It sort of has a private lounge/club feel to it.  M Lounge was more of an upscale watering hole for locals than an upscale swanky cocktail lounge.

The real stars of this place are the Martinis. Each one is handcrafted and delicious. Weather you in the mood for something sweet and tart, they have got you covered. Check out some we recommend below:

M Classic
A large pour of your favorite vodka or gin served with a hint of Vermouth and queen-sized olives
Almond Joy Martini
Coconut vodka blended with Frangelico, white Cream de Cacao
Hershey’s chocolate & cream
Lemon Drop Martini
Citrus vodka, lemon juice & sugar mixed with a touch of sour, served in a sugar-rimmed glass
Any one you pick you will be sure to enjoy.
Have a favorite type of Martini? Comment below and let us know!!!!



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