988365_759908617357873_1703106149_nWe completely immerse ourselves in a client’s business and industry to accurately identify marketing opportunities and challenges.

Jordan & Marks Enterprises then implements creative and powerful advertising strategies, enabling our clients to build their brand, generate results and become market leaders.

Jordan & Marks Enterprises combines talented and experienced individuals who possess an understanding of our client’s business and how they produce profits with a passionate and personable work ethic. Helping clients  achieve or maintain a leadership role in their market has been the driving force behind Jordan & Enterprises’ successful track record.

Although Jordan & Marks Enterprises has been acknowledged with industry awards, helping produce measurable profitable results for our clients is our greatest award.



JLpicJL Jordan III

Managing Partner, “Takes All the Credit”

“Working at Jordan & Marks Enterprises has made him completely mindful of brands in all aspects of the modern world. Given that we are often tasked with best expressing our clients’ brands, JL is today extremely critical of and constantly questioning the integrity of most brands he encounter on a day-to-day basis.” To know JL is an experience in itself, so his successful career in the marketing and entertainment industry comes as no surprise to his family and friends. he has cultivated some of Jordan & Marks Enterprises most cherished client partnerships, and it is with that nurturing instinct that JL creates a positive work environment for our team. If Jordan & Marks Enterprises was a circus, He would be the star juggler. Click Here for Full Bio


Adam Jordan Marks

Managing Partner, “Does All the Work”

Adam has a plan. One of these days, his soon to be bestselling novel will hit the big screen starring Chris Evans. But until then, he’ll be busy examining brand experiences. “Las Vegas show manger, nightlife VIP Services, broker relations, sales and operations, International fulfillment operations, and international travel,” Adam’s previous experiences and interests involve people and patience. He tries to see and understand others’ perspectives.” Click Here for Full Bio



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