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We completely immerse ourselves in a client's business and industry to accurately identify marketing opportunities and challenges. Jordan & Marks Enterprises then implements creative and powerful advertising strategies, enabling our clients to build their brand, generate results and become market leaders. Jordan & Marks Enterprises combines talented and experienced individuals who possess an understanding of our client's business and how they produce profits with a passionate and personable work ethic. Helping clients achieve or maintain a leadership role in their market has been the driving force behind Jordan & Enterprises' successful track record.

We are Hiring: ADA Surveyor and Compliance Coordinator

JOB SUMMARY Contract position needed for an ADA surveyor and compliance coordinator. Responsibilities will included surveying of health care facilities and filling out reports detailing compliance or non compliance in key areas. Coordinator will act as the liaison between the facility and upper management of our company to ensure compliance. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (Knowledge, Skills & […]

Colin Kane LIVE! At the Laugh Factory in Chicago-This WEEK!

  Colin Kane comes back to Chicago. If you like dirty comedy, Colin Kane’s your man. An insult comic that acknowledges the line and leaps over it, Kane is best known for his in-your-face delivery and off-the-cuff crowd work. Featuring an unlikely blend of piercing bite and authentic heart, Kane’s R-rated act tackles sex, relationships, […]

Open Position: Operations Analyst

Operations Analyst   Position Purpose: Responsible for performing various reporting and data analysis tasks related to Provider Data Management.   Create bimonthly quality of care reports based on Medicaid population data Extract detailed provider network and contracting data from large provider database and perform validation Collect and organize member enrollment information from the broker for […]